Importance of fall arrest safety nets

Nowadays, to safeguard the integrity of the workers, the use of individual protection (personal protective equipment) and collective protection is essential, the latter avoids the risk of accidents, with fall arrest nets being one of the most recommended elements to be used as protection. collective of personnel working at heights. The fall arrest nets are a safety system that provides protection to the worker, in addition to preventing the fall of objects, construction material, tools and in its main function to protect the life of the worker avoiding impact against surfaces.

REVIEW BEFORE AND DURING ITS INSTALLATION The personnel in charge of the installation of the fall arrest network must be trained to do so, taking into account the following steps:

1. Make sure that the perimeter rope does not show cuts or fractures.

2. Check that the meshes do not show tears.

3. If its condition is correct, it will be stored, completely dry, clean of material remains and perfectly folded.

CHECK DURING INSTALLATION That do not have breaks:

* The meshes of the network.

* The perimeter rope.

* The union of the perimeter rope to the anchors.

* Joints (stitched) between the nets.

* The condition of the cables, tensioners and carabiners.

Remember: Fall arrest nets are used in construction sites that are developed at different heights, bridges or in those projects that present a risk of falls on the part of workers.