We have a technical team of professionals who work with rigor and professionality to adjust and satisfy the needs of our clients alike.                                                                     

To become a leader company in this sector, to guarantee the client satisfaction with strong exigence and commitment through a personalized and quality service. 


We have offices in Spain and Panama. We have professional experience throughout all the country as well as international experience with important works such as the metro stations of the line 2 of Panama.                                                                                                                      

With more than 30 years of experience in this sector, we guarantee adapted solutions to every need, both in new construction and refurbishment, as well as other services such as maintenance works, repairs, reports or technical studies.




Tecnocober 1968 works on the speciality of roofs and facades constructions with the mission of providing solutions and satisfy the needs of our clients through the continuous improvement of our technical and human resources.

Besides our extensive international experience in the sector, Tecnocober 1968 is known thanks to the quality, professionality and responsibility with the development of the projects, endorsed all these years by builders, developers, architects, engineers and designers.


To become a world benchmark due to our quality and our best proposals for roofs and facades, to adapt and offer to the costumer and the society in general, a solution to their particularly needs.



  • Quality and rigor

Professionality, rigor, compromise and exigence to give a quality service.

  • Personal attention

Collaborative attitude and client oriented approach to give a service according to their needs. 

  • Constant development

Spirit of constant improvement and innovation.

  • Qualified technical team 

    We respect our employees and people in general, ensuring good conditions at work and giving them permanent improvement in safety equipment and continuous training.

    • Awareness

    Global awareness and solidarity to the world.


    Cost optimization thanks to our qualified team who look for the best solution in each case. Commitment to quality for the entire life of the work.

    We work with leading distributors of roofs and facades systems that allow us to guarantee water tightness of the product thanks to the quality of the materials and its fixing system.


    TECNOCOBER 1968 S.L. as a leading company in the sector of the assembly of metal roofs, its main objective is to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, thus ensuring the long-term continuity of the company.

    For this reason, the management establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

    1.- The quality of our services is the result of the planned and systematic actions of all the processes of the company and the continuous improvement.

    2.- The contractual requirements and the needs and expectations of the clients are the criteria to establish the quality standard of our services and to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

    3.- The quality of our services is a common task for all company staff. Every employee of the company is responsible for the quality of their work.

    4.- Availability of the necessary resources to guarantee the quality of our products and services and to comply with the applicable requirements.

    5.- Management is responsible for driving the implementation of the policy and objectives, checking their application, in order to constantly promote the awareness, motivation and participation of staff.

    6.- Promote the continuous improvement of the system to improve internal efficiency, as well as to analyze the context of the activity and the needs and expectations of stakeholders in order to control the risks and enhance the opportunities detected.